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In-dash GPS/DVD/reversing camera units

The in-dash "all-in-one" unit is becoming an increasingly popular choice over hand held GPS unit.

Given the rising tide of opportunistic theft of GPS systems from motor vehicles, the in-dash unit is proving to be less of a target as it requires more than just a few seconds to remove.

This new breed of equipment carries a number of features. Some are model specific, so check the features listed on the unit linked to your car. However, all the models feature a reversing camera, touch screen operation, AM/FM radio. GPS. DVD, and CD.

The mapping system used is SensisTM WhereIsTM, considered to be the most comprehensive on the market.

Please remember that even if your vehicles is not specifically listed, if it has a double din sized aperture in the dash, there is every chance that the PID 1615G will suit! Email us with your enquiry.

Model shown: Mazda 6 Model PID 3041