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Reversing camera & screen

It seems that just about every month, there is an item on TV, radio or in the press about a tragic reversing accident. Sadly, many of these incidents involve children.

These events do not just involve 4WD vehicles or trucks. Reversing visibility research from various motoring associations (such as the RACV & NRMA) reveals blind spot weaknesses in a number of non-4WD sedans and wagons.

Reliable equipment is now available at reasonable cost to reduce the risks involved.

A reversing camera & screen is the answer for many reversing safety needs. Whether for a passenger car, a bus, a truck, a mobile home or car & van - we can help!

Our range includes a number of screen types and sizes -from 7 inch units equipped with Bluetooth - all the way to discreet monitors that clip over your rear view mirror.

There's a range of cameras to suit these monitors - from miniature units for your passenger car through to heavy duty infrared models for your truck, even dual cameras for the back of your caravan or mobile home. We also have side cameras if needed!

To see which system will suit your needs, click on the model numbers to the left to view more information.

Model shown: CM-70 Reversing camera and screen